Love It Friday, Sep 30 2011 

2000 students at this college.

Thursday night poetry reading with a poet of consequence.

Almost 10% of the student population is there, attentive.

I am amazed and thrilled.


Breathe, But How Thursday, Sep 1 2011 

A strange feature of the academic mind or, um, maybe just mine:

When everyone around you is so nice, so welcoming, it’s stupid hard not to wait for the wrinkle. You know, like, that moment when the apparently functional, adjusted, engaged, friendly new faculty colleagues turn around and say, “gotcha sucker.” Maybe I spent too much time in a mine field department, where ulterior motives abound and dissatisfaction lay in full bloom. Now, the weaker, damaged parts of my academe-hardened psyche are suspicious. Just can’t shake the irrational feeling that I was probably hired —

A) By mistake or-

B) To flame out or-

C) To keep a line open until a more suitable individual could be found.

Just to be clear, I don’t feel this way all or most of the time. There’s just that little nag in the brain, a synapse or two that refuse to accept good fortune or acknowledge that, say, my credentials warranted my hire…that I’m good enough and, darn it, people like me.

Oh Stuart Smalley, where art thou?